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The area is located in the campaign of Aveyron. There is a lot of hills and wood.

The land is ideal for pedestrian excursions or with horse or bicycle. Walks in wood and the countryside will charm the amateurs of
nature : flora, fauna and geology are greatly diversified.

In the valley of the river “Lot”, many nautical and fishing activities are possible near Cransac-les-Thermes.

The cultural, historical and architectural inheritance is very interesting.

The presence of the “Romans” are attested by the old thermal baths in Cransac-les-Thermes and Salles-la-Source for example. Many vestiges of the “Templar” are remaining : castles, chapels, etc. The presence of “Gallic” are attested by the existence of dolmens (the department of Aveyron is the French department richest in dolmens), the consonance and the etymology of the name of the villages. Many cities and villages deserve a halt and a visit : Rodez, Bournazel, Conques, Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Laguiole, and many else.

Older, near in the valley of the river “Lot”, the paleolithic vestiges are visible in several sites open to the public. Caves inhabited during prehistory were arranged for the public.

The cheeses, the traditional pork-butcheries and the gastronomy of Aveyron are famous. Certain recipes are typical of the Rouergue : the “estofinade” with haddock (fish of the cold seas of North Europe), the “aligot”, etc.

Many museums are to be visited in the area. The exposures relate to the inheritance industrial, cultural, geological, naturalist or history of the area. In each city or village, you will be able to find a museum which will satisfy your curiosity.

In the village of Cransac-les-Thermes, more convivial activities are possible : card decks, scrabble, game of bowls, skittles, etc.